I had the privilege of working with Matthew over a number of years until he decided to go to UAE. I am a person who works on large land development and infrastructure projects, particularly in there planning phases. I worked with Matthew on more than 10 of these such projects. In most of these cases my contribution was to bring the sustainability overlay to the project with Matt playing the project director role.

It was in this area that Matthew really excelled and to this day is unquestionably one of the best clients I have ever had in a career spanning 30 years. Matthew’s drive a culture of innovation and industry best practice and was a pioneer in Sydney in water conservation, urban design and broader sustainability outcomes. The one particular project that stands out for me is the Landcom Second Ponds Creek project where, as a team led by Matthew, we really did produce internationally significant outcomes. This project was significant not just because of the outcomes we achieved as a team but because this was an incubator project in the true sense of the word. The ideas that were developed on this project have been further refined by the project team on a number of other large land development projects since this time.

Matthew is all about teams achieving great outcomes, he has a personal style of setting outcomes and letting his advisors determine the best way of achieving these. He is a motivator with a trusting personality and a commitment to excellence.

I wish him well.
Geoff Roberts