I have known Matthew Joyce for a period of 14 years. During this period he has been my line manager both in Australia and the UAE. Matthew had the attributes as a leader and was highly respected by corporate Australia for his ability and skills in all facets of property development. As I am aware he was also highly respected in the UAE in his capacity as Managing Director, Waterfront, a subsidiary company of Nakheel.

As a colleague and as my line manager I have always found Matthew to be diligent, honest, loyal and above all he had the necessary people skills as well as people management skills to command the post and mandate of Managing Director.

I have always found Matthew to be personable and caring from a business and personal point of view. I consider him to be an excellent corporate and civil citizen, in my humble opinion, Matthew is an outstanding husband and father, highly respected in corporate life and would not jeopardise his family and reputation in acting inappropriately.

David Lawrence