I got to know Matt in Dubai when the family moved into the villa behind us. In fact, I was stood on my balcony half-dressed when Ange yelled over “how’s it living here?” as she was being shown around for the first time. The answer was that once the Joyces had moved in, living there was fabulous. Our backdoors were always opened to each other and the adjoining gardens were as one property as we would to and fro trading frosties and endless evenings just talking all sorts of rubbish. We had never lived so close to anyone ever, but being neighbours with Matt, Ange and the kids it was the most natural thing to pass life in close proximity. Throughout the year we lived in the villas we got to know their friends and relations and having moved from Dubai, we miss that a lot. I know that there will be many people dying to see them all when Matt can finally leave Dubai, but as I’ve always said to him, there’s a frosty in my fridge in England and I hope they come over to claim it!

Shaun Wildey