I had the pleasure of working with Matthew for four years at Australand – where we were both Executive General Managers of our respective Divisions. Matthew was always capable, talented and hardworking and had a very good understanding of the markets in which he operated. He generated a high degree of loyalty from those who worked both for him and with him and many of us considered that he was a candidate for the position of CEO at a later time. He led his division into some very good projects and made significant gains in winning work from Government agencies.

When Matthew left Australand and joined St Hilliers, I worked with him again as a Non Executive member of several fund investment committees where Matthew showed a high degree of motivation to successfully establish the funds management activities of St Hilliers. In addition Matthew was helpful to me in linking up the Multiplex people in Dubai with projects that suited their skill base.

I do hope that Matthew is able to win his legal fight in Dubai and come back to Australia with his name and reputation restored to the position it was in prior to his overseas career.

Peter Dransfield