Whilst I have not seen my old school friend Joycey for several years one thing I would like to say is that he is and has always been an affable man of the utmost integrity. With this quality It was no surprise to me to see him achieving great success in his chosen profession in the property industry. With this in mind it is been most alarming following his and his family’s plight in Dubai. Given I have not been in direct contact with Matt for many years it is important that he understands that his nightmarish situation does not go unnoticed by many of his old friends and acquaintances. He can rest assured knowing that upon his eventual return to Australia he will always be welcomed and not judged. The esteem in which he has always held amongst his peers will remain unquestionable One would hope that the Federal government, namely Bob Carr and Julia Gillard, recognize the travesty of Matt Joyce and his family’s predicament and make the strongest representations to the UAE to expedite his release from house arrest and allow him to return to Australia.

David Rundle