I was telling my family this week about the time that Matt saved Lisa and I from certain death at Peterborough many years ago. We drove to a fishing spot near London Bridge to look at the Ocean on a day that the sea was raging. I took Matt and Lisa down some limestone steps to my favorite fishing spot about 10 meters above the water at the end of a narrow ledge. Had we all gone in it would have been my fault for leading my two friends into this death trap.

We stood on the ledge in the side of the cliff watching the awesome waves from above and listening to their mighty roar. Sure enough there was a wave so big that it came up the side of the cliff and hit us. We were knocked over and very nearly went in but not quite. I got to my feet and headed for home along the narrow ledge and beckoned the others to follow. It was Matt’s cool head that looked out to sea and spotted the next the wave that was seconds away and would have met me half way along the ledge. He instructed us to huddle against the cliff while we got pounded by the set of waves before carefully following the ledge out to safety.

I cant imagine that he has been this cool for all of the past 7 months but I do think that he is up for this challenge more than almost anyone I know. I believe deep down that as tough as it must be, he is tough enough to overcome the stress that he must be under.

Charlie Gubbins